We offer FPG series pulse generators which are designed for convenient laboratory or industrial use. These pulsers can be manufactured both in desktop or rack mount housings. Typically they feature:

  • Internal triggering system
  • External triggering (5V @50 Ohm, 100 ns)
  • Internal universal AC 100-240 V power supply (for high-power models external DC power supply could be required)
  • Short circuit and open circuit protection
  • RS232 or RS485 remote control interface

FPG series pulsers can have picosecond or nanosecond rise time range.

Pulse shape produced by pulsers of FPG series is completely customizable and includes all possible combinations of rise time, fall time and pulse width. Pulse duration can be specified at 50% or 90% of maximum amplitude which usually corresponds to bell or square shaped output pulses. Essentially, it is possible to specify pulse width at any levels when this is important.

In addition to general specifications of output pulses our customers can choose other parameters, such as prepulse amplitude, after-oscillations amplitude and duration, and other.

Maximum pulse repetition rate depends on many factors, which include pulse amplitude, average output power, type of cooling.

Bench top and rack mount pulsers can have several output channels, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Please also visit our Applications section, which describes pulse generators developed for specific fields of use.

Many types of benchtop pulsers can be implemented as pulsed power module