Operation of Pockels cells requires special pulses with the amplitude from hundreds of volts to tens of kilovolts and pulse duration from hundreds of picoseconds to hundreds of nanoseconds.

FID GmbH has developed a special series of pulse generators for driving of Pockels cells.

These pulsers are designed to control the performance of Pockels cells with a capacitance from 1 pF to up to 10000 pF or to carry the 5-400 Ohm resistive load.

Key advantages of Pockels cell drivers based on FID technology:

  • Output voltage from 100V to 20 kV and higher
  • Any pulse shape – square, bell, bipolar
  • Pulse duration at 90% of maximum amplitude of 0,1-1000 ns
  • Possibility of high pulse repetition rate (PRF) of up to 100 MHz
  • Ultra low jitter between an external triggering and an output pulse – not more than 20 ps
  • Efficiency of up to 90%
  • Compact size, light weight
  • Highest reliability
  • All solid state technology
  • Unlimited life time

A special series of Pockels cell drivers allow paired operation into a single Pockels cell.

FID GmbH is offering several types of Pockels cell drivers which have similar technical specifications, triggering and power systems.

FDS Series – Benchtop or rack mounted pulse generators for convenient laboratory applications

FDH Series – Series of very high PRF (pulse repetition rate) pulsers

FDM Series – Compact Pockels cell drivers

FDM-W – Compact Pockels cell drivers featuring paired operation

FDM-K – Compact Pockels cell drivers with improved contrast

FDM-U – Ultra-compact Pockels cell drivers

FDL – Compact voltage swing/square pulse generators

FDG – Pulsers for high capacitance Pockels cells, including cells with plasma electrodes